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USDF Adopts Safe Sport Policy

Source - USDF

The USDF has adopted the USEF Safe Sport Policy, promoting the safety and welfare of horses and riders. The intent of the USDF Safe Sport Initiative is to provide information, resources, and a protocol so that all members of the equestrian community have awareness, tools, and a support structure to ensure a safe and positive environment for equestrians to develop their skills.

The USEF and USDF depends on the eyes and ears of its athletes, coaches, and designees to support its Safe Sport policies. It is requested that all who participate in equestrian sport become familiar with the content of the Safe Sport Policy Handbook and be mindful of its guidelines during training sessions and competitions.

Members of the equestrian community are also encouraged to complete the Safe Sport module to further their education in this area. This module is open to anyone and is free of charge.

For further information on the USDF Safe Sport Initiative, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For further information on the USEF Safe Sport Policy, visit the USEF Website or contact a member of the Athlete Protection Team.


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