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The Southwest (SW) chapter serves members from Southern & Southwestern Wisconsin, Madison and the surrounding region.

The SW chapter has hosted clinics with nationally and internationally known instructors Janet Foy, Maryal Barnett, and Cindy Ishoy, the Annual Capital Mini Event, plus schedules 8-10 monthly meetings and special events. Many meetings include an educational program. Educational presentations in recent years have included: overview of the USEF Young Horse Dressage Program, rider biomechanics, equine body scoring, equine massage, lungeing, braiding demonstrations, intro to jumping, and a wet lab at the UW Vet School.

Among special events of the past: a sporthorse evaluation seminar with Gerd Zuther, a practice test riding day, and the major 2011 symposium Dressage Through the Levels with Olympian Steffen Peters and  FEI dressage judge Janet Foy, involving more than 400 participants from the Upper Midwest region and beyond. In 2017, we hosted the William Fox-Pitt Eventing Symposium at the Alliant Energy Center.

As a member of WDCTA you are eligible for state scholarships and the awards program.  As a SW Chapter member you will have priority riding in SW Chapter clinics.

Events for 2019 included:

  • Matt McLaughlin speaks at Annual Meeting in March 2019
  • Janet Foy Dressage clinics
  • Patrica Becker Dressage clinics
  • Cindy Ishoy Dressage Clinics
  • Introduction to Working Equitation Clinic
  • Capital Mini Event July 20-21
  • Annual Death by Chocolate Holiday Party

SW Chapter member benefits:

  • Two chapter scholarships, $300 maximum each, available annually. Mini Scholarships up to $100 are also available. See the FORMS page for program description and application. 
  • Special scholarship: Linda Burich Scholarship: $250 maximum each scholarship, total of three scholarships available; fund has been exhausted and scholarship retired in 2019.
  • Reimbursement for purchase of approved safety helmets & vests (See below)
  • Chapter members audit most SW Chapter clinics at NO COST, with discounts to Chapter members for some special programs, as announced.



The chapter will reimburse $20 toward the purchase of a safety vest and $10 for a safety helmet. Limited to: one reimbursement per member per calendar year for a helmet and one reimbursement per member per calendar year for a safety vest.

Criteria and procedure for reimbursement: Helmet must be ASTM/SEI approved. Vest must be ASTM or BETA Class 3. Chapter members should submit a copy of the receipt, no later than six months from date of purchase, to the SW Chapter Treasurer for payment. (Original policy 1988; amended in 2000 and Sept. 2012.)




2022 SW Chapter Officers (effective 12/1/21):

President: Becky Bebber-Wells
Vice President:  Sue Genin
Treasurer: Cathy Wunderlich
Secretary: Cathy Gallagher
Chapter Representative: Susan Walsh
Alternate Chapter Representative: Mary Barr


Southwest Chapter Meeting Minutes

Minutes will be posted once approved as "Final" at a Chapter Meeting


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Historical SW Chapter Meeting Minutes


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Laura Graves Symposium Rescheduled for May 2023


May 20-21, 2023 at Alliant Energy Center, Madison WI

The Southwest Chapter announced the postponement of the fall symposium with Laura Graves, due to COVID-19. It was difficult to figure out how the event could be safely held in accordance with physical distancing guidelines for a large crowd, which is what the chapter needs to finance the event. In addition, sponsors and vendors are in flux with their own businesses, which makes it difficult for them to plan ahead and forecast their budgets.

However, there is good news in this “bad news” announcement.

Laura Graves has agreed to postpone the clinic and we have secured our date for May 20-21, 2023

For those who had already sent in money to audit the event, the chapter will apply your payments for the tickets to the rescheduled event. However, while the chapter policy stated "no refunds," it recognizes that these are unprecedented times, and if you would like a refund, please reach out to Mary Barr at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to begin the refund process.

Thank you for your enthusiasm for this event, and keep that interest for 2023!

NOTE: Laura has been given the ride on a very talented young horse! Read more at these two websites: here and here



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